City Quay
St Katharine Docks

This project involved external repairs and decorations to a large modern residential apartment building and the surrounding grounds. 

What we did:

Part of our brief was to minimise disruption to the residents, whilst ensuring that best value was obtained from the renovation works.  Our solution was to undertake the majority of the work from temporary cradles suspended from the individual block penthouses.  Our structural engineer worked closely with the specialist scaffolding sub-contractor to ensure that the final design achieved the requirements and left no permanent fixtures or alterations to the buildings.

The works were undertaken over the course of a year with Derrick Wade Waters acting as Principal Designer and Contract Administrator. 


We were delighted with the positive feedback received from many residents, praising the high standard of work and minimal disruption experienced.  All the residents were able to continue to enjoy their dockside views and balconies throughout the duration of the project. 

We invited Akzo Nobel to site during the early stages to ensure that the correct paint and timber stain products were selected and we invited them to randomly inspect twice during the works, on both occasions they submitted very satisfactory reports.

Our client has since recommended Derrick Wade Waters to the residents’ board of a neighbouring building at St Katharine Docks for which we have been appointed to specify and administer their external repair and decoration works.