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Improving portfolio performance

The DWW Property Management Team has been working with clients to sustain and improve portfolio performance throughout a challenging 18 months.

Managing commercial property does not have a beginning, middle and end. It is ongoing and sometimes relentless.

Over the past 18 months there have been more challenges for landlords, tenants and property managers than any of us ever anticipated. We are very pleased to report that DWW have helped clients to weather the storm and are now looking to a smoother future, thanks to hard work from the team and the support of colleagues at DWW.

All angles of property management have been affected by Covid-19; lockdown durations, tiered restrictions and the economic impact of these. It is not difficult to imagine that rent collection, health and safety, facilities management and importantly landlord and tenant have all imposed some very difficult conversations. It has been high priority for our clients to maintain a good working relationship with their tenants and for DWW to engage in teamwork to keep revenue streams live. Through the careful management of relationships we are very pleased to report that rent collection has been remarkably successful. This has been facilitated by a philosophical and flexible attitude of clients who understand the importance of looking to the future, and tenants who have adopted agile business strategies. For example, tenants who usually manufacture for commercial industry but have turned their hands to supplying the NHS in sometimes very unique ways.  

As we look ahead, we realise there will be a period of adjustment in the way our clients work and the way in which tenants want to occupy. Over the past months care has been taken to prioritise spending so as not to impact heavily on service charges, but whilst maintaining compliance. We are now making plans to match the beginnings of optimism. The team has expanded and we are back in the office; we are collaborating with our colleagues; we are talking to tenants who are making plans; we are as busy as usual and have since the turn of the year taken on new management instructions.

Here is where we have been and where we are still going – accessible accounting, partnering approach to optimise portfolio value and the wider DWW provision of in-house services to support clients and provide them with a “one-stop shop” for property services.


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